The story behind the sauce

World's #1 Habanero Pepper Sauce

Marie Sharp’s is owned by Belize’s legendary 80-year-old Marie Sharp and is the favourite hot sauce in more than 30 countries. The woman-owned business is proudly empowered by an 85% female workforce.

Made from farm-fresh legendary Belizean grown habanero pepper, with a strong emphasis on farm to table goodness. Hand-harvested and ripened under the Belizean sun, with all-natural ingredients. All our sauces are 100% plant-based, with no preservatives or artificial flavouring, ensuring the freshest bouquet of fruit and vegetable flavours. 


All natural

Preservative Free

Marie Sharp's smoked the competition

The 2021 Aurora International Taste Challenge were held in South Africa this year, and had some of the top food professionals judging products from around the world. The goal for each category is to identify and award the best-tasting products available to consumers. Marie Sharp’s won the following awards for our fiery habanero sauces in the condiments category.

Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce - Double gold winner
Beware Habanero Pepper Sauce - Gold winner
Smoked Habanero Pepper Sauce - Silver winner

Mayan Ruins: Belize

Deep within the tropical jungles and in the Mayan mountains lie some of Belize’s top rated and oldest attractions, the Mayan ruins.

These archaeological sites were home to Mayan civilisations from over 2000 years ago. Belize tops countries from around the world for the number and variety of Mayan ruins, and a variety of sites such as temples, ceremonial pyramids and ancient reservoirs can all be explored.

Located on the Caribbean coast, Belize is a small Central American country bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. The country's largest city is Belize City, while the capital is Belmopan.

Belize has a diverse society, taking influence from many different cultures which can be seen reflected in their cuisine.

Traditional Belizean meals are a mix of a variety of ethnic dishes from the surrounding areas and can be described as having similarities to Mexican flavours.

Belize has a tropical climate, with over 60% of the land being covered by forest, the country focuses on biodiversity and protecting its natural resources.